Stranger Things Fans Are Getting Avengers: Endgame Vibes From Season 3


Stranger Things season 3 landed on Netflix at long last on July 4th, but after the emotional devastation it’s wrought, fans are wishing that it could’ve waited a little longer. The fact is that a lot of viewers are still reeling from the heartbreak of Avengers: Endgame and weren’t ready to go through it all again with their favorite characters from Hawkins. But, thanks to the Duffer brothers, we wept our eyes out once more.

You see, both Endgame and ST season 3 feature the tragic deaths of beloved father figures. Iron Man, of course, died in the Marvel movie while – spoilers incoming – the finale of Stranger Things‘ most recent run saw Jim Hopper perish while helping close the gate to the Upside Down. Why do all the bearded dads have to die so young?

Suffice it to say, fans aren’t taking it very well and are drawing a lot of comparison between the pain of Endgame and Stranger Things season 3 on social media.

Simply put, what the hell was that, Netflix?

Honestly, Hopper’s death and the subsequent reveal that the Byers are leaving Hawkins is Endgame-level sad.

The thing is, though, that the similarities go even deeper. Just as Tony Stark’s “I Love you 3,000” line was used earlier in the movie and then becomes his parting message to his daughter in Endgame, Hopper asks Eleven to keep her door open three inches in the first episode of season 3 before writing that in a posthumous letter to his daughter in the finale.

Seriously, we’ll all be developing a phobia of the number three before long.

You might say that the ST finale is like Endgame boiled down into an hour and 17 minutes, but with all the tragic goodness still in tact.

Last but not least, the best Avengers: Endgame/Stranger Things comparison has to come courtesy of directors the Russo brothers, who jokingly teased a collaboration with the Duffer brothers. Please no, our hearts couldn’t take it.

Tell us, which one broke you more? Stranger Things season 3 or Endgame? Let it all out in the comments section down below.