Stranger Things Season 3 Photos Send Us Back To 1985


Netflix dropped the first full trailer for Stranger Things season 3 today and sent the internet into meltdown in the process. Fans of the supernatural smash hit show have been waiting a long time to return to Hawkins, Indiana but the good news is we’re just a few months away from the season’s arrival this summer. To further hype us up for what’s to come, Netflix has now released this selection of promo images which teases the new status quo for the characters when the third run begins.

As Mike says in the trailer, the gang aren’t kids anymore and these pics show that Eleven and her friends are proper 80s teenagers now, hanging with friends at the mall instead of, you know, fighting monsters from another dimension. Eleven and Max have become firm pals, too, as demonstrated by them eating ice cream and laughing on a bus. Speaking of which, Steve’s got himself a job at an ice cream parlor, though he’s still got time for his boy Dustin. Even Hopper and Joyce are taking time out this summer. Just look at the sheriff’s funky shirt.

The images do tease that season 3 won’t be all fun and games, however. A couple of stills show the teens teaming up with Nancy and Jonathan, and we’ve learned from experience that when all the characters get together that usually means something bad is afoot. After all, the trailer teased the introduction of some creepy gas mask-wearing monsters, so we know that our heroes have them to look forward to. Plus, the Mind Flayer is still out there, biding its time in its bid to break into our world.

Stranger Things season 3 is coming to Netflix this Independence Day, and on a scale of how excited we are for it, I’m betting most fans are at… an Eleven.

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