Stranger Things Season 4 Leak Seemingly Confirms [SPOILERS] Is Returning


The next season of Stranger Things on Netflix is currently in the midst of production and a long way off, but fans are impatient to know the fate of a certain character.

Between rumors that suggest the fourth season may arrive as late as December, folks have found a way to stay busy by pouring hours and hours into theorizing about what might happen to the Hawkins community after the rapturous events of the third run. Some of these theories claim that the kids may not be the heroes of the story, while others note there ought to be more to this narrative than meets the eye. But the real question remains with the fate of a certain character who seemingly died in the finale of season 3.

As viewers will remember, the climax of Stranger Things 3 saw Detective Jim Hopper sacrifice himself in order to close the rift between our world and the alternate dimension. We actually never saw Hopper die on-screen though, and the post-credits scene took us to a Russian prison where an “American” was being held captive. This has led to a popular theory that Hopper may still be alive after all and fans are now looking for every clue they can find that might confirm their speculation.

A couple of months ago, photos from filming in Georgia revealed that Hopper’s truck will be back for season 4. Also, we know that David Harbour’s contract can carry him through a fourth and even fifth season – that’s if they decide to bring him back. Now, however, new evidence has surfaced that indicates Hopper is still alive, as we’ve learned that shooting for Stranger Things 4 will take place at a Lithuanian prison set, which also served as a location for HBO’s Chernobyl.

As the tagline for season 4’s announcement teaser read, “We’re not in Hawkins anymore,” it’s safe to assume the kids will finally get to leave their small town. Where they’ll go, though, is still unknown. However, as ScreenGeek points out, “the fact that production will begin at the Lithuanian prison set before the rest of the show does imply we’ll be seeing much more of this Russian prison, which could be good news for Hopper.”

Of course, we won’t know the answers for sure until Stranger Things returns to Netflix, but with new evidence suggesting the fourth season may very well be the last, we sure as hell hope that the Duffer Brothers give us an epic ending as to be worthy of reminiscence for years to come.

Source: ScreenGeek