‘Stranger Things’ BTS video showcases the laborious make-up process for Vecna

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Spoiler warning: the clip below contains spoilers for ‘Stranger Things 4

Netflix’s fantasy phenomenon Stranger Things is chock-full of monstrous villains that terrify eagle-eyed subscribers with their astounding physical appearances that require plenty of special effects and hours upon hours in the set’s make-up chair. And while many fans can only imagine the grueling procedure, a brand new behind-the-scenes video is offering folks a look at the long process.

The aforementioned video was shared on the official Stranger Things Twitter account and showcases actor Jamie Campbell Bower under the hot seat in the make-up department to suit up as Vecna — the newest baddie in Stranger Things 4 who targets Max Mayfield after the loss of her step-brother Billy Hargrove. The video features make-up designer Barrie Gower and his team placing the proper prosthetics and make-up on Bower to amplify Vecna’s intimidating appearance. You can check it out down below:

Considering Vecna holds a similar nightmarish energy and feel to Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Pennywise from It, it’s certainly no surprise that the pounds of make-up and prosthetics were needed to complete the villain’s horror-esque look. And while it surely was not an easy process to withstand, star Finn Wolfhard recently revealed during Netflix’s Geeked Week that Bower was incredibly kind during the entire process and never complained once.

With only two super-sized episodes left in the mind-bending fourth season, fans will once again have the chance to witness Vecna’s towering presence next month, as it appears Jane “Eleven” Hopper will meet with the villain face-to-face for the first time in years.

Don’t miss Vol 2. of Stranger Things 4 when it arrives on Netflix July 1.

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