‘Stranger Things’ star Jamie Campbell Bower spent hours getting ready as Vecna

stranger things vecna
Image via Netflix

While the fourth season of Stranger Things has introduced a handful of refreshing characters like Eddie Munson and Argyle, it has also given birth to a new monstrous villain by the name of Vecna, who strategically uses the misery of his victims to invade their lives with his nightmarish abilities. Not only is Vecna’s mind-gaming ability utterly terrifying, but his physical appearance is even more haunting — so much so that Jamie Campbell Bower, who portrays Vecna, spent hours putting on makeup for the baddie.

While speaking during the Stranger Things panel for Netflix’s Geeked Week, Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard revealed that Bower’s professionalism was incredible — considering that the actor spent hours in the makeup chair before the rest of the cast and crew arrived on set for filming.

Jamie is unbelievable. I only met him a few times but, from what I could hear, if it was like a 7 AM crew call, he would have to come in at 1 AM the morning before while they put the makeup on him as Vecna, and he never complained.

Despite the long hours of preparation that Bower put into the villainous character, fans were certainly not shy about their thirsting over Vecna in the fourth season. And when Joseph Quinn — who portrays fan-favorite Eddie Munson — dished on how chill Bower is behind the screen, it only catapulted eagle-eyed viewers to fall more in love with the character and the actor.

Vol. 1 of Stranger Things 4 is available to stream now on Netflix, with Vol. 2 releasing on July 1.