Stranger Things Day Has Netflix Subscribers Losing Their Minds

While the more cynical among us may call it a targeted ploy to try and prevent people from relentlessly asking for a Season 4 release date, Netflix knew fine well than an entire day dedicated to Stranger Things was guaranteed to send the internet into raptures.

The streaming service recently dropped the fourth teaser trailer, unveiled a slew of behind the scenes images and are generally just lobbing Hawkins-shaped bombs at the audience via social media and YouTube. It’s a smart strategy to keep the show’s momentum hot while post-production continues on the next batch of episodes, and as you can see from the reactions below, it’s definitely working.

At this rate, the core cast will be pushing 30 by the time we finally get to see Season 4 of Stranger Things, which spent over a year and a half in production due to the pandemic, and it’ll be at least three years since the last run of adventures premiered on streaming; an absolute eternity in the world of serialized small screen drama.

When it eventually does land, Squid Game should start looking over its shoulder, because Stranger Things will be gunning for the title of Netflix’s most-watched original series ever, a feat it should be able to accomplish with relative ease.