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‘Stranger Things’ lovers are scared for two fan-favorites after volume 2 trailer

Netflix will have a riot on their hands if these two don't survive.

stranger things
Image via Netflix

A new trailer for Stranger Things volume two has officially landed and, boy howdy, you have to hand it to Netflix — it’s one heck of a trailer. As scored to everyone’s new favorite song “Running Up That Hill”, the promo is stuffed with ominous imagery and dialogue, resulting in the fandom being more psyched than ever for the final two episodes of the show’s penultimate run… but also even more terrified that one or two beloved characters are going to meet a dark fate.

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In particular, the danger alert has been raised to critical for both Steve “The Hair” Harrington (Joe Keery) and Robin Buckley (Maya Hawke), thanks to a loaded line from the latter that’s featured in the trailer. One clip sees a worried-looking Robin telling Steve, “I have a terrible feeling it won’t work out for us this time.” Well, thanks a lot, Netflix, now we’re not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Fans are drawing a line in the sand right now — hurt Steven and Robin and it’s over.

The equation is simple.

It’d be less traumatic to let Vecna win than kill off either Steve or Robin.

Fans have only just come to terms with Eddie’s inevitable death, they can’t cope with two more.

The Duffers better be ready for a lot of “little talks”…

Is this a personal attack?

It’s not much to ask.

They wouldn’t do that… would they?

Why would you even put that out there???

As the tweet above makes clear, it’s really not looking good for the former Scoops Ahoy crew. Going by these shots, the teens will end up back in the Upside Down where Robin is attacked by Vecna (or possibly the Mind Flayer). Being the hero he is, Steve will try and help… But will he succeed? Or die trying?

The truth awaits us when Stranger Things returns for two feature-length episodes on July 1.