Two Stylish Trailers For Boardwalk Empire Season 3

“New year. New rules.”

Indeed, Nucky. Indeed.

The first pieces of marketing for the upcoming third season of HBO’s acclaimed Boardwalk Empire have arrived online, and while they don’t seem to contain any new footage, they’re stylish and atmospheric enough to get fans excited.

Can we glean anything about this fall’s new run of episodes from these previews?  Probably not, though the stark, black-and-white imagery and some threatening voice-over from Steve Buscemi indicates that this season is moving in a darker direction. That’s not surprising, given the major character death that shocked fans at the end of season 2, but it’s very welcome; Nucky’s actions last year must have repercussions, for the character and the series, and if the tone of these teasers is to be trusted, I’d say we’re in for some compelling drama this fall.

No return date has been set for Boardwalk Empire, but given past season premiere patterns, it is likely to debut this September.