Here’s How Supergirl’s Season 4 Finale Set Up Crisis On Infinite Earths


Supergirl season 4 reached its end with last night’s finale, titled “The Quest For Peace” (as a Superman IV reference) and, following on from both Arrow and The Flash which did the same, it concluded with a tease of what’s to come in this fall’s crossover to end all crossovers, “Crisis On Infinite Earths.”

During a montage in the closing moments of the episode, LaMonica Garrett’s the Monitor appears in National City and begins speaking to a mysterious hooded figure. He tells the stranger that they’ve been trapped too long and encourages the newcomer to avenge himself against the brother that wronged him. The figure then reveals himself to be a Green Martian, the brother of J’onn J’onzz!

The Monitor was last seen at the end of Arrow‘s seventh season finale, in which he revealed to the Green Arrow that he would die in the incoming Crisis and whisked Oliver Queen away to somewhere else in the Multiverse that needs his help. In comparison, this scene feels less like a direct lead-in to “Crisis.” J’onn’s brother is surely a plotline that’ll be explored in the bulk of Supergirl season 5 rather than the crossover.

However, the Monitor makes a second stop on Earth-38 which could set up a major player in the event. Lex Luthor had been shot and killed by his sister Lena earlier in the finale, but the last time we see the Monitor he’s standing over the villain’s corpse, with some glowing energy coming out his hand. What are the odds that the cosmic being is resurrecting Luthor for some higher purpose that’ll play into the Crisis?

In the original comic book arc, Lex does play a part of Brainiac’s alliance of villains who attempt to take over the remaining Earths. More prominently, though, Alexander Luthor Jr., the heroic son of Lex from another Earth, helps the Justice League defeat the Anti-Monitor and save the universe. We’re not sure the Arrowverse is going in either of these directions, but it does look like Jon Cryer will fill some sort of role in the crossover.

Speaking of which, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” will be spread across five hours over two quarters, while Supergirl, meanwhile, is due to return to The CW this fall.