Superman Races Oliver Queen In New Elseworlds Deleted Scene


This December, the Arrowverse reaches its biggest crossover yet in the form of “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” As well as bringing together the casts of all five CW DC shows – six, actually, including Black Lightning – numerous guest stars from across the DC multiverse will drop by. While we await this must-see event, then, let’s relive a deleted scene from 2018’s Arrowverse crossover, “Elseworlds.”

If you recall, “Elseworlds” saw Oliver Queen and Barry Allen have their superpowers swapped due to crackpot Arkham Asylum doctor John Deegan’s messing around with reality with the Book of Destiny. The pair traveled to Supergirl’s Earth-38 and got some help from the Girl of Steel as well as her more famous cousin, Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. And in this newly-released deleted scene, Supes helps Ollie get to grips with his newfound superspeed.

Though not terribly substantial, this is a nice little character beat, and it’s great to see Superman mentoring the Green Arrow as the Man of Steel’s been kept out of the Arrowverse for so long. That being said, you can understand why this was cut for time in such a jam-packed crossover. Hoechlin is back as Kal-El for “Crisis,” though, so hopefully we’ll get some more of him interacting with the Emerald Archer and the Flash later this year.

And he’s not the only Superman taking part, as Brandon Routh – outgoing Legends of Tomorrow star – will reprise his Superman Returns version, too, with a Kingdom Come twist. Multiple rumors also point to Tom Welling returning to boot. This “Elseworlds” scene reminds us that Smallville‘s Kent Farm featured last year as well, so fingers crossed that was a tease for more to come in “Crisis.”

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” will be stretched across five parts spread over both quarters, beginning December 8th. It’ll be strongly connected to the conclusion of Arrow, too, which is ending with its shortened eighth season in January. Don’t miss it.