Supernatural Creator Breaks The Silence On The Show Ending


After a groundbreaking fifteen years, Supernatural is finally about to reach its end. Stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins released a video on social media yesterday afternoon that revealed the news that the upcoming fifteenth season of The CW’s jewel in the crown will be its last. A joint statement from showrunners Robert Singer and Andrew Drabb then followed, along with an outpouring of grief from the devoted fanbase.

Now, original creator Eric Kripke has commented on Supernatural coming to a close as well. Directing his response to the fans, Kripke encouraged them to remember that the bond of the community that’s built around the show will outlive the thing itself.

“#SPNFamily please remember: shows end. But family is forever. That never changes & that’s what you’ve created here. All my love & thanks to the cast & crew & most of all you, the family.”

Kripke created Supernatural for The WB back in 2006, overseeing the jump to The CW and the series’ first five seasons before he moved onto new projects. Since then, Kripke’s acted as an occasional executive consultant while the showrunner job’s passed through several hands across the seasons – Sera Gamble was in charge for seasons 6 and 7, Jeremy Carver shepherded it through 8 to 10 and then Singer and Drabb have steered it home from season 11 onwards.

The writer/producer has been open about how the series has far expanded his original vision for it, too. Initially, Supernatural was meant to be a purely “monster-of-the-week” drama with the Winchesters invented to be simply the audience’s way into the world of the occult. However, Ackles and Padalecki’s chemistry soon ensured that the brothers became the real stars of the show. Collins then joined in season 4, eventually becoming a regular.

The good news for fans is that we still have a whole 20-episode season to go. And Supernatural‘s fourteenth run has four weeks left as well, as it airs Thursdays on The CW.

Source: Twitter