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‘That probably should have never happened’: Izzy Gleicher discusses her controversial comments after eviction from ‘Big Brother 25’

This professional flautist will be missed in the 'Big Brother' house.

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After 43 days, one of season 25’s most beloved houseguests was evicted from the Big Brother house, and she had some choice words to share on her way out.

After being on the wrong end of an eight-to-one vote (garnering the support of her closest ally, four-time Survivor player Cirie Fields), Izzy Gleicher was eliminated from Big Brother 25 yesterday, Sept. 15, allowing Felicia Cannon to see another week.

Sharing hugs with her fellow houseguests as she moved her way towards the door, Izzy looked at her rival in the Big Brother house, Cameron Hardin, and said “I’ll be seeing you, pig,” in an attempt to insult him, all while referencing the punishment they had to endure earlier that week.

After losing the Golden Power of Veto competition, Izzy and Cameron’s “Piggy Pals” punishment required the duo to wear pig costumes for the remainder of the week, as well as move 2,000 scoops of dirt into a pigpen in the backyard, using nothing but a tiny scooper — yikes!

In addition to this, Izzy called Cory Wurtenberger “pipsqueak” on her way out, ultimately showcasing her anger towards her former ally, all while poking fun at his lean stature.

Why was she so furious with Cory? Leading up to the eviction ceremony, the 21-year-old worked alongside his in-house girlfriend, America Lopez, to flip the vote from Felicia to Izzy, ultimately betraying one of his closest allies and leading to her elimination — poor Izzy!

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In an exclusive interview with Parade, Izzy reflected on some of her controversial comments, both after her eviction and before, revealing that a majority of them “probably should have never happened.”

“When I got the ‘Piggy Pals’ punishment, I was like, ‘who’s the pig in the house? I’ve got to pick Cameron,’ so we had done been known that, but I knew Cameron was coming after me for weeks, probably from day one. He was feeling threatened by the fact that I was not threatened by him, and so I knew that about him. We never were able to find common ground.”

“Cory, I just felt super super betrayed by, and, for as smart as he is, you’re going to stick with Cameron like that? That doesn’t seem like the smartest move. I felt hurt, [and] I underestimated his relationship with America… The conversation that I will always regret having is the one I had with America. I don’t know if anyone saw this, but she came to me to apologize for telling about Felicia, and I came at her. I shouldn’t have had that conversation with her. That should have waited. That probably should have never happened, and I know that that was ammunition against me, and I regret it wholeheartedly.”

While Izzy may be leaving the Big Brother house with some regrets, such as fighting with America and “not being more careful with Cory,” the newly evicted houseguest is leaving with something even more valuable than a massive cash prize: a newfound family.

In the same interview, Izzy reflected on her oh-so-special relationship with Cirie and Jared Fields, sharing what their relationship was really like in the Big Brother house.

“I was hoping to find someone that I genuinely connected with, because I knew the house was going to be a scary, lonely place if you let it. I clocked Jared. Before I even saw Cirie, I knew who he was… Even though I am not a big social media person, he’s literally the only family member of a reality person that I know of, and that’s because he makes music and I was curious about it, but I knew who he was, and I wanted to make that connection regardless if I saw Cirie.”

With Cirie saying in her goodbye message to Izzy that she will always be invited to the Fields family dinners, it is safe to say that we will be keeping up with the trio on social media as soon as Big Brother 25 comes to a close.

Tune into CBS every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday to watch the rest of Big Brother 25 unfold — with a double eviction on the way, things are about to get wild!

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