The 10 Best Black Clover Episodes

Black Clover Anime

Black Clover is one of the most popular shonen anime available to stream. When Asta is born into a magical world without the ability to use Mana, he sets out to master the world through sheer strength alone and beecome the Wizard King.

First airing in 2017, there have been 170 Black Clover episodes, adapted closely from the manga series of the same name. Earlier this year, Black Clover wrapped up its fourth season, seemingly bringing the anime to a close. However, the manga is still ongoing, and it may be the source for future seasons.

In the meantime, Black Clover has dozens of hours’ worth of episodes to binge through. And if you’re already caught up, you may want to stick with the best that the series has to offer. Here are the top 10 episodes of Black Clover.

The best Black Clover episodes

10 – Special Little Brother vs. Failed Big Brother (Season 2, Episode 29)

Finral Roulacase’s story is one of the best in the Black Clover series. A member of the Black Bulls who had been cast as a failure in favor of his extremely powerful sibling, this episode sees Finral face off against his younger brother, Langris. This is the first time we see a fight between these two characters, and it doesn’t end well for Finral, requiring the intervention of his fellow Black Bulls.

This episode also gives us a good look into the past family life of these two characters and the dynamic behind Langris’ rage. Part character development, part action-packed, this episode delivers.

9 – Beyond Limits (Season 1, Episode 49)

“Beyond Limits” is the very first time we see Captain Yami’s insane power. In this episode, Yami teams up with Asta to break their power limits and take out the immensely threatening Vetto. While later seasons’ battles definitely make the first dozen episodes look tame in comparison, Yami’s story arc is one that shouldn’t be underestimated, especially when it comes to his capabilities on the battlefield.

8 – Mastermind (Season 3, Episode 13)

“Mastermind” isn’t necessarily praised for its combat. What makes this episode excel is the backstory that it provides of Raia’s past, humanity’s betrayal toward the elves, and the extent of Zagred’s manipulation. There’s more to human-elf relations than meets the eye, and “Mastermind” adds immense depth between these two groups’ relationship.

7 – We Won’t Lose to You (Season 2, Episode 49)

After members of the Clover Kingdom are possessed by elves, we see both Asta and Yuno team up to take on Licht. This provides one of the best fights in the series, although it doesn’t go completely as planned for the pair. As far as Season 2’s fight scenes go, this is one of the greats.

6 – The Final Attack (Season 3, Episode 17)

After we are introduced to the elvish and devilish entities, Black Clover’s combat is taken to a new level. No better example exists than “The Final Attack.” In this episode we see Licht, Lumiere, Asta, Yuno, Yami, and others take on the devil, showcasing their impressive powers and incredible teamwork. Black Clover’s fight scenes double as opportunities for character growth, and this episode features some major challenges (and accomplishments) for both Asta and Yuno.

5 – The Wizard King vs. The Leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun (Season 2, Episode 41)

Julius Novachrono is the Wizard King (also referred to as Magic Emperor) for the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights. This is the very first time we see Julius in combat, and he goes head-to-head against he biggest threat in the show: Licht. While a superior foe later emerges in Black Clover, seeing these two powerful figures clash was incredible at the time.

Julius uses some immense power to save the citizens of the Clover Kingdom in this episode. We also learn that he can command magic in ways far more advanced than other characters can handle, adding further mystery into the role that Asta hopes to take on one day.

4 – Captain: Yami Sukehiro (Season 4, Episode 12)

This Season 4 episode shows Yami tested at his most. Struggling to face off against Dante, Yami is forced to push himself to the limits to remain in the fight. We get to see some of Yami’s most powerful attacks result from the endeavor, making it a fantastic fight scene toward the latest season’s close.

3 – The Faraway Future (Season 4, Episode 16)

In the final episode of the anime, Asta is forced to confront and subdue the devil who has been supplying him with his power. With a twist ending for Asta, there looks to be plenty more to dive into if the anime does return in the future. As far as cliffhangers go, Episode 170 provides one of the best.

2 – Julius Novachrono (Season 2, Episode 42)

“Julius Novachrono” picks up from “The Wizard King vs. The Leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun,” showcasing the conclusion of the fight between the Wizard King and Licht. The leader of the Midnight Sun sees Julius unleash some of the most impressive spells in his unique grimoire. We also learn more about Julius’ backstory in this episode’s thrilling fight, complete with the face-off’s bittersweet ending. Heavy is the head that wears the crown indeed.

1 – Black Oath (Season 4, Episode 13)

Despite being already heavily damaged, both Asta and Yami surpass their limits once again to take out the ever-so-threatening Dante. This is the episode that sees Asta entertain the idea of diving into his devil powers in search of greater power. Everything fans love about the series is in this episode: Drama, intense fight scenes, and deep character growth on and off the battlefield. This is arguably the best fight in Black Clover so far, and one of the greatest in shonen anime as a whole.