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‘The Boys’ confirms season 3 trailer is coming tomorrow

'The Boys' star Karl Urban confirms that Amazon is releasing the official trailer for season three tomorrow.

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The Boys star Karl Urban has confirmed that the first trailer for the upcoming third season of the Prime Video superhero show is finally releasing tomorrow.

Given all the anticipation within the fandom, it’s strange to think that season two only came out in late 2020, which means we haven’t waited much longer than we otherwise would have, even if the world wasn’t still grappling with a deadly and annoyingly disruptive pandemic.

And yet, the third season is still three months away, and the lack of a trailer isn’t doing fans any favors. Luckily, that’s set to change tomorrow, as the official Twitter account for The Boys has recruited Karl Urban (Billy Butcher) to let us know —the only way he knows how— that a first look is coming tomorrow. Check out the video for yourself below.

If William Butcher thinks that we’re going to love the trailer, who are we to say otherwise? Though many fans are eager to know what happens next in the struggle between the Boys and the Seven, a lot of folks will just be happy to see the return of Hughie, Frenchie, MM, and Billy himself.

The Boys season three is preceded by an animated anthology series that recently came out to sizzling reviews, and offered an even more unhinged take on this brutal fictional world. Which is why we expect this upcoming outing to match that insanity to a large degree. This is, after all, the bed of gruesome violence and demented vulgarity that the producers have made themselves, and now they have to lie in it.

The third season is slated for a June 2 release on Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service.

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