‘The Boys’ reacts to ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ trailer finally arriving

the boys

Last month, the social media team behind The Boys challenged Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi to release the trailer for the highly anticipated fourth film and finally, they’ve gotten what they were after.

Yesterday, Thor: Love and Thunder got its first trailer and as you’d expect, The Boys had to respond. The social media team simply reposted their initial tweet with the caption “a month late, but we’ll take it.”

Before Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theatres, The Boys will launch its third season. The show is gearing up for its most wild-to-date chapter and the teaser trailer barely scratched the surface of the punch it packs. Season three of The Boys will launch on Prime Video on June 3 and will see the team once again facing off against the mighty Supes, in addition to Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy, while Billy Butcher will seemingly get hooked to Compound V to attain powers.

As for Thor: Love and Thunder, fans will have a little more waiting to do as the film won’t launch until July 8. While many of the film’s major characters were showcased in its recently released teaser, especially Natalie Portman who is making an MCU comeback after her last appearance in Thor: Dark World, Christian Bale’s villainous Gorr the God butcher was noticeably missing.

Over the coming months, we’ll likely get more footage from the movie that will give fans a clearer look at its plot and what to expect to see when it finally launches in theatres later this year.