The cutest Electric Pokémon, ranked

Pokémon is beloved by kids and adults alike for many different reasons. Whether you’re a fan of the trading card game, the video games, the anime, or all of it, it’s no surprise why Pokémon is and has remained so popular. With continued new releases of games and anime, they’re never short on content. There’s so many different things within the Pokémon franchise to learn and love about it.

One of the things that makes Pokémon so lovable for all ages is the design of the pocket monsters themselves. Whether scary, bulky, regal or just plain adorable, Pokémon are known for their creative take on animals, machines and other real-world things in their designs. As difficult as it was, we’ve ranked the ten cutest Electric type Pokémon! Before we get to the top ten, here’s one shocking disclaimer, Pikachu is not on the list.

10. Dedenne

Its design is rather simple in terms of what animal it’s based on as there’s been multiple mouse-based Pokémon over the years — most notably, Pikachu! Dedenne is an undeniable cutie and seeing it in action in the anime only confirms it. It was mischievous and knew just how cute it was, occasionally stealing snacks from the main heroes of the show.

Known as the antenna Pokémon, Dedenne had a featured spot in the Pokémon series as Bonnie’s unofficial partner Pokémon. While she wasn’t old enough to be a trainer or catch a Pokémon, her older brother, Clemont, caught it and allowed it to stay outside of its poké ball to ride in Bonnie’s satchel instead. Just seeing little Dedenne riding along in the satchel is adorable, and the episode where it’s wearing a flower crown is unforgettably cute!

9. Shinx

Introduced in Gen IV, as part of the Diamond and Pearl era, Shinx is a cutie that seems to be based on a cat or other small household animal. It’s color scheme works well with its electric type and its big eyes just feel like they’re pulling you in. It’s an adorable Pokémon, which is why it sucked that none of the main heroes ever caught one, especially considering its beloved evolution chain ending in fan-favorite Pokémon, Luxray.

Even though none of the main heroes ever caught one, we still got glimpses of Shinx and its cuteness throughout the series with other characters. In Pokémon: XY, it’s revealed that Clemont befriended a Shinx as a child, only for it to evolve when he was away. There was also a moment when Cheren helped to rescue a lost Shinx.

8. Morpeko

Morpeko, a Pokémon introduced in Gen VIII, has two different forms that can change with its ‘hunger switch’ ability. The form above is known as its ‘Full-Belly Mode’ which is what happens when it has a full belly of course. The other form, which changes Morpeko’s appearance, is known as the ‘Hangry Mode.’ Both of its modes are adorable, even when it’s hangry.

If you notice, it also seems to be based on a rodent-type animal like Dedenne and Pikachu, and funnily enough it’s also an Electric type, though it is also a Dark type. In the episode, Sobbing Sobble! audiences were introduced to a sneaky Morpeko in the Galar region who stole Team Rocket’s food. It was eventually caught by James, becoming their first Galar Pokémon.

7. Pichu

I’m sure some will be surprised to see Pichu on this list, but I can’t help that it’s so adorable! Look at its little eyes! It’s like a smaller and cuter Pikachu, which used to not be possible considering Pichu was introduced in Gen II. We’ve seen Pichu many times in the anime, most recently as a younger version of Ash’s Pikachu in the Pokémon Journeys pilot episode.

Pichu’s design is the perfect combination of Pikachu and a baby Pokémon. Its tiny body and big head is such a cute touch, and the details on its face being almost identical to Pikachu’s was a great idea. You can actually see the way it would evolve by its body parts growing into those of Pikachu, which is something not always seen among Pokémon designs. So, not only is the design adorable, but Pichu’s is practical as well!

6. Flaaffy

Next up is Flaaffy, which is the evolved form of Mareep and the pre-evolved form of Ampharos. Some may ask why it’s Flaaffy on the list instead of Mareep, but Flaaffy’s design is much more creative then a plain sheep. Sheep are cute animals, so it only makes sense that a Pokémon based on them would be in the top 10 cutest list. From its cute wool on its head and around its neck to the pink coloring, Flaaffy looks like a stuffed animal you just want to cuddle with (minus the electricity of course).

As for its appearances in the anime, its most notable may be in the third Pokémon movie, Spell of the Unknown. Flaaffy was one of aged-up Molly’s fake Pokémon created by the unknown so she could battle Brock. Of course, since it was technically imaginary, it was unnaturally powerful. We’ve also seen Flaaffy in multiple episodes of the series, including it performing in a contest that ultimately inspires May to become a coordinator.

5. Pachirisu

Watching Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl as a kid there was one Pokémon that everyone was obsessed with, and it was Pachirisu. Dawn captured one after a long chase and battle until she finally wore it down. It was one of her first catches and proved useful in her endeavors as a Pokémon Coordinator. From its big bushy tail to the way it runs around in circles like a cat to get comfortable, the anime was enough to seal the deal for Pachirisu.

Designed after a squirrel, Pachirisu definitely shares some squirrel-like qualities. It’s quick and mischievous, which is what made it so difficult for Dawn to initially catch. In the anime, we also see it nuzzling Pikachu with its own electric pouches on its cheeks, which is absolutely adorable!

4. Toxel

Toxel is a dual-type Electric and Poison Pokémon that was introduced in Gen VIII in the Galar region. There’s no denying the cuteness of this Pokémon with its pouted lip and toddler-like pose. The white spot on its chest even ressembles a baby’s bib!

It always looks angry, which doesn’t usually make a Pokémon cute, but for Toxel, it works. It hasn’t had any appearances in the main anime series yet, but it had a brief cameo in a side story, Pokémon: Twilight Wings, where we saw two trainers with their own Toxel.

3. Emolga

Much like Pachirisu, Emolga was another fan-favorite the second it hit anime screens. It had a personality similar to that of Pachirisu in Diamond and Pearl, but was a bit cooler and stubborn rather than the mischievous squirrel based Pokémon. It was caught by Iris, Ash’s female companion at the time and had a thing for sweets as shown during its first appearance.

Based on a flying squirrel, Emolga’s design is just as cute as the animal it was based on. Like other electric types, Emolga also has the electric pouches on its cheeks that holds its electricity, and its such a cute recurring design element. Its big eyes and small size are the perfect thing to secure its place in the top three!

2. Yamper

Another new Pokémon is Yamper, who was introduced in Gen VIII. Yamper is literally an electric corgi, so what’s not to like? In the anime Pokémon: Journeys, we’ve seen Yamper as a house pet to Professor Cerise and his family, most notably, his daughter Chloe. In the show, Yamper is just like any other pup in being loyal and wanting lots of cuddles that its family gladly provides.

Corgis are adorable in themselves, with their short stubby legs and long bodies, but Yamper got all of that plus the goofiest face that’s somehow cute too. It’s eyes look like they’re always sparkling, making it’s design one of the best on the list.

1. Plusle & Minun

Considering they’re basically the same Pokémon, both Plusle and Minun are deserving of the top spot, besides how do you choose between such cuties? Another mouse/rodent based Pokémon, Plusle and Minun are designed similarly to Pikachu and Pichu in their ears and electric sockets on their cheeks. The two are like a pair and are mainly seen in the Pokémon Ranger games as the players’ main partner.

In the anime, their most notable appearance was in the movie Destiny Deoxys, where they helped Tori, a young boy afraid of Pokémon, overcome his fear along with Ash and Pikachu. Being that they’re so cute and baby-like, it’s easy not to see them as threatening. Their designs go along with each other so well, especially considering it’s math-based. Due to them being an adorable pair, Plusle and Minun rank at the top.