The Flash Star Grant Gustin Wants To Play Another Superhero After CW Show

The Flash

The Flash has gone through many ups and downs over the past couple of years. But now that Oliver Queen’s journey as the Green Arrow has come to a close on his own show, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen finds himself in the laborious position of having to carry the Arrowverse on his shoulders.

In fairness, though, such transitions are hardly ever smooth sailing for the parties involved. “Crisis on Infinite Earths” may have delivered on all fronts in terms of scale and epicness, but the undertaking itself was a risky move by The CW. After all, Arrow was the series that started it all, and now, the rest of the multiverse will have to carry on without the kind of momentum that Stephen Amell’s hooded vigilante brought to the fore.

Additionally, it would seem that other Arrowverse shows are also having a difficult time keeping up with the expectations of the fandom. A couple of weeks ago, the network announced that Supergirl would follow suit, and Kara’s sixth outing as the Girl of Steel next year will be her last.

With what seems like the end of an era for most of these CW veterans, fans are wondering if any of them would be open to portraying other superheroes again. Well, the Scarlet Speedster himself has just revealed that he’s game, saying in a recent interview:

“People assume I would never want to do something like [The Flash] again, but, I’m open to that. I would play another superhero. If I was lucky enough to get to do that, or another genre-specific thing. I’ve always been attracted to sci-fi and the genre world.”

From what the titular star tells us, he hopes to land more roles in the genre, but he also wishes to eventually make his foray into the world of Broadway.

“Maybe this role will help open those types of doors for me, and I’m definitely down for that,” Gustin continued. “I still haven’t made my Broadway debut, and that’s something that’s really important to me, that I would love to do. I just want to be onstage again. There’s nothing like that instant gratification of being onstage and that high that you feel performing in front of a live audience.”

Gustin had previously voiced his doubts about whether the upcoming and seventh season of The Flash would be the show’s final run since none of the actors have contracts extending beyond the next outing. But if viewing figures and fan participation remain high, there’s no reason why the network wouldn’t keep the show around for at least another big crossover event.