The irony of a former ‘House of the Dragon’ showrunner collecting a Golden Globe isn’t lost on the fandom

house of the dragon
via HBO

The Golden Globes just held its 80th ceremony, honoring the best in film and TV that the world had to offer in 2022. Amidst a somewhat lackluster ceremony with plenty of expected wins, some surprises still emerged. From the Best Original song award, to House of the Dragon‘s first win, the Golden Globes still proved to have something new to offer — albeit with a catch.

Unlike its predecessor Game of Thrones, the HBO prequel House of the Dragon aired its first season, promptly scoring a Golden Globe for Best Drama Series mere months after. Receiving the award were the show’s stars Milly Alcock and Emma D’arcy, alongside former co-showrunner, Miguel Sapochnik. The director, much to everyone’s surprise, received the award for a show he was no longer running, leaving a sour taste in avid fans’ mouths.

Sapochnik announced he would step down as a co-showrunner back in Summer. At the time of his departure, HBO claimed the Argentinian director wanted to start anew and move on from the world of Westeros, with plenty of future projects in mind. According to Puck, the exit may not have been as simple.

The news source, although with no citation, presented that the real reason behind Sapochnik’s departure lies in the fact that he couldn’t get his wife, Alexis Raben, as showrunner on the HBO hit show. Raben was credited as a producer on the first season, but allegedly, upon the Argentinian’s request for her inclusion as a showrunner alongside himself and Ryan Condal, he was promptly denied due to her inexperience. Regardless of the reasoning, fans were naturally upset that someone who is no longer involved with the show, still accepted the award.

House of the Dragon‘s second season was announced back in August, and while without a release date, the show will move forward with Ryan Condal as its solo showrunner.