The Office: Top 10 Jim And Dwight Pranks


Michael Scott may have been the star of The Office, but as my friend once put it, Jim and Dwight are the lifeblood. Without them, the show would never have been successful, or at least, not as successful as it is today. Their relationship is a major part of what keeps the show together and when it’s not there, the show suffers for it.

Even though they may be buddies now, at first, they were natural enemies. Dwight’s obnoxious personality annoyed Jim (and probably the rest of the office), and Jim would find clever ways to get back at him. He would scheme some brilliant prank and set it up just for Dwight, often laughing over it with Pam in the process.

These pranks are usually the biggest source of comedy in the show. Sometimes they’re as simple as putting things in Jell-O. Other times they’re carefully planned and take place over an extended period of time, only for a hilarious pay off in the end that makes it all worth it.

As the show comes to an end, I thought it would be appropriate to look back at some of the best pranks that have taken place in The Office. It was incredibly hard to choose just 10 as all these pranks have been downright hilarious. But I have been able to compile a solid list that’s based on how funny and clever the pranks were, combined with how seriously Dwight fell for them.

I hope we get one last brilliant prank between the two for the finale, but for now, these pranks are moments in the show that have become instant classics and have made the characters of Jim and Dwight iconic. I can’t imagine Jim will ever let an opportunity to mess with Dwight pass by, even if they are friends now. It’s just the nature of their relationship, a relationship that is nothing short of legendary.

With that, we present to you our top 10 Jim and Dwight pranks from The Office. I hope you enjoy reliving them as much as we did.