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The sky is blue, water is wet, and Netflix’s 3rd hit murder mystery thriller in a week knows where the bodies are buried on the Top 10 in 52 nations

Netflix is back doing what it does best.

Las Viudas de los Jueves. (L to R) Zuria Vega as Mariana Andrade, Sofia Sisniega as Carla Maldonado in Las Viudas de los Jueves.
Cr. Camila Jurado / Netflix ©2023

At this point, all Netflix has to do it let out the slightest whisper that it has a new murder mystery thriller releasing and it’s guaranteed to become one of the most popular titles on the entire platform in no time at all. Having witnessed it happen twice last week alone, third time has marked the charm for Thursday’s Widows.

Per FlixPatrol, the adaptation of Claudia Piñeiro’s novel Las viudas de los jueves that had already been made into a feature film back in 2009 has debuted as the fourth most-watched episodic series available to subscribers around the world 24 hours after premiering, by way of revealing where the bodies are buried on the Top 10 in 52 countries all told.

Las Viudas de los Jueves. Omar Chaparro as Tano Scaglia in Las Viudas de los Jueves.
Cr. Camila Jurado / Netflix ©2023

Following on from the double-whammy of Germany’s Dear Child and Spain’s Burning Body, it remains clearer than ever that no matter what country it hails from or what language it unfolds in, users simply cannot resist the lure of a labyrinthine tale packed with twists, turns, and of course the odd death or two.

In this instance, Irene Azuela’s Teresa comes home one day to find her husband and two of his friends lying dead. Plunging an idyllic community into a state of shock, what’s initially written off as an accident soon spirals into a wide-ranging conspiracy that threatens to shake the existence of all the seemingly too-perfect residents to their very foundations.

It feels as if barely a day goes by without Netflix dabbling in one of its premiere genres, and when you consider that three of them have hoovered up huge viewing figures in the space of seven days, it’s easy to see why.

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