New Walking Dead 9×14 Promo Journeys Back Before The Time Jump


Curious to know how Daryl and Michonne got those nasty X scars? You may want to tune into Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.

Entitled “Scars,” it’s set to whisk viewers back before the time jump, after set photos revealed a pregnant Michonne wandering the zombie wasteland with only her katana for company. That’s exciting in and of itself, but AMC has now premiered another promo for The Walking Dead season 9×14 in which young Judith asks Daryl: “What would my dad do?”

She is, of course, referring to Rick Grimes, the Walking Dead stalwart who is presumed dead by many of his fellow survivors. Only we know that to be different, so it’ll be interesting to see if AMC’s “eye-opening secrets from the past” have something to do with Andrew Lincoln’s wayward hero.

For more, here’s the official plot synopsis:

An outsider’s arrival forces Alexandria to rehash devastating old wounds; eye-opening secrets from the past are revealed.

That outsider AMC speak of is supposedly Lydia, who enters Alexandria as an unwelcome guest. Michonne is suspicious of newcomers even at the best of times, so expect some fireworks come Sunday. Danai Gurira’s fan-favorite has grown into a bona fide power player in recent seasons, and, at least based on AMC’s preview, her short-lived romance with Rick will be explored in greater depth once “Scars” premieres this weekend.

‘Scars’ will explore some of the six-year time period skipped over in the wake of Lincoln’s final episode in November, where a wounded Rick was rescued by Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh) and flown away in a helicopter, leaving behind Michonne, daughter Judith (Cailey Fleming) and, nine months later, son RJ (Antony Azor).

The Walking Dead season 9 returns this Sunday with “Scars.” Don’t miss it.