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‘The Walking Dead’ BTS photo reveals a snow-covered apocalypse

A cinematographer for The Walking Dead shared a unique moment during filming that brought our survivors face to face with snow.

The Walking Dead AMC
Photo via AMC

Emotions are high as fans gear up to buckle in for the final chapter of The Walking Dead. When we first saw Rick Grimes rummaging for supplies in a sort of wasteland and having to make a heartbreaking decision when encountering a little girl — we knew we were in for a wild ride.

The characters and the cast that play them have brought so much life to the story they’re telling — in all facets. There’s been heartbreak and joy, love and loathing, and several moments when we’ve wanted to jump through our screens and go to battle for someone. Our beloved characters have been up against zombies, maniacal survivors, and strangers who offered kindness — they’ve also been up against the elements.

A new element for our zombie apocalypse survivors is snow, and that’s exactly what they’re working through right now. Snow was falling on the set of The Walking Dead, and Duane Manwiller, the cinematographer for TWD, shared the moment with fans on Instagram.

For the first time in Manwiller’s five seasons working with TWD, real snow was falling onset, and this beautifully shot black and white image shows that the weather cares not for those already trying to survive the undead. The cast and crew have often shared about the heat and creatures they face in the hot Georgia summers, and we have a feeling this moment will be one they look back at for years to come.

The Walking Dead begins airing its final episodes on Feb. 20.

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