AMC Reveals New Synopses For The Walking Dead Season 10B


Grave threats, they are a-coming.

Or so says the official synopses for The Walking Dead season 10B – specifically the loglines for episode 10×09 (“Squeeze”), and episode 10×10, which we now know to be “Stalker.” Talk about two ominous titles.

What does each title mean, exactly? We’re not quite sure, but AMC has today offered up some new intel for both “Squeeze” and “Stalker,” and it only spells bad news for our ragtag survivors. Daryl, Carol, Negan… you name it.

Each synopsis skates around the specifics – and rightly so – but after the show’s winter hiatus, it’s exciting to once again pore over every last scrap of information pertaining to The Walking Dead.

“In the mid-season premiere, our group must figure out how to get out of a precarious situation,” reads the official synopsis for “Squeeze.” In “Stalker,” airing March 1, “Our group must defend Alexandria from a threatening, outside force.”

The excitement for The Walking Dead‘s mid-season premiere is palpable. Indeed, you only need to take a fleeting glance into the WGTC archives for evidence of that, what with rumors circulating of a high-profile death and the Whisperers preparing for all-out war.

Amid all the carnage and undead drama, though, there’s still room for romance, as evidenced by the tender moment shared between Eugene and Rosita. Whether said kiss will actually take place during the mid-season premiere is still up for debate, but one thing’s for sure: ‘Eugita’ may well be trending on Twitter by the time season 10B premieres in two weeks’ time.

Because on February 25th, The Walking Dead returns to the airwaves with “Squeeze,” with “Stalker” scheduled to premiere exactly one week later. Clear those diaries, folks, for it won’t be long before Sundays belong to AMC’s Walking Dead once more. And long may that continue.