The Witcher EP Says The Show Hasn’t Been Renewed For Season 3 Yet

The Witcher

As one of the most popular shows in Netflix’s history, The Witcher is hardly at risk of cancellation. In fact, it’s already acting as the launchpad for an entire multimedia universe, one that’s positioned the small screen mythology built out from Henry Cavill’s adventures as a property the streaming service is evidently looking to build around for a long time to come.

In just a few days, animated prequel Nightmare of the Wolf premieres, featuring Theo James reprising his role from Season 1 of the live-action show as young Vesemir, and a rumored cameo is poised to establish it even further as WitcherVerse canon. Spinoff Blood Origin recently confirmed ten new cast members, a pair of directors and an official logo, so it’s all systems go for the franchise.

Season 2 of The Witcher premieres on December 17th, and we’ve heard on numerous occasions that Season 3 had been given the green light, with the writing team reportedly already hard at work. However, showrunner and executive producer Lauren S. Hissrich debunked those claims, revealing that she’s not even contemplating another batch of episodes until the next set hit Netflix.

“No, there has been no formal renewal. In fact, right now my focus is on Season 2. I mean, we have this air date now. We are going to launch on December 17th. There is still a lot of work to be done in post-production, so I am back and forth between Los Angeles and London completing that. And that is just, honestly, where all of our focus is right now because we need a great Season 2 if we have a hope of having a Season 3.”

The Witcher may not have been renewed by Netflix, but it’s virtually a foregone conclusion it’ll happen nonetheless. While the streamer may have been wielding the axe of cancellation with alarming and increased regularity over the last twelve months or so, the smash hit fantasy adaptation is about as bulletproof as it gets looking at the huge viewership figures Season 1 drew in, not to mention the expansion plans that have been well underway for a while.