Things Go From Bad To Worse In Comic-Con Trailer For Fear The Walking Dead Season 2B


Fear The Walking Dead is a very divisive series; there are those who love it and many who hate it, but the vast majority seem to agree that it simply isn’t anywhere near as good as The Walking Dead. The “companion” show made some really baffling decisions in the first half of season two, but a new trailer revealed at Comic-Con today points to some big improvements.

The survivors have now been scattered, with Madison, Alicia, Ofelia and Strand all heading back to the Abigail, Travis and Chris trying to make it on their own due to the latter’s homicidal tendencies, and Nick just chilling out with the undead while covered in blood.

Splitting them up could really help Fear The Walking Dead in the long run, and the show could do with some sort of shake up when it returns. That will be on August 21st, and based on what we see in this trailer, it looks like the series is about to get a big bad in the form of some Mexican gangsters who are using the zombie apocalypse to their advantage.

Time will tell if Fear The Walking Dead can turn things around, but if nothing else, it will certainly help us pass the time until the awesome looking seventh season of The Walking Dead premieres.