This classic ’90s shōnen manga is getting an original anime

Tsukasa Ōshima Shoot! is getting an original new anime next year, titled Shoot! Goal to the Future.

The original Shoot! manga followed Toshi, a boy who wants his friends to devote themselves to soccer in the face of school, family, and death. Shoot’s 33 volumes were a staple of ‘90s shonen manga, helping give rise to the success of numerous sports manga and anime we love today, helping establish many conventions we can see in works like Haikyu!!

Shoot! Goal to the Future makes for an unexpected development, bringing the series to the screen for the first time in nearly 28 years. In a new visual promoting the series, Toshi appears as an adult alongside Hideto Tsuji, Kakegawa High School’s new lead player, setting the season up as a sequel.

The official synopsis of the show elaborates on that premise.

Atsushi Kamiya, a former captain at Kakegawa High School and the world-renowned “courageous captain” for a famous Italian soccer team…

And Hideto Tsuji, a student at Kakegawa High School, who seems uninterested in the now-weakened soccer team…

Their meeting is the start of a new legend…

The original anime is being produced by EMT Squared, the studio behind  Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear. The studio did not announce the director of the new series.

Toei Animation produced the original anime adaptation in the ’90s while the manga was ongoing. The manga released in Weekly Shonen Jump until 2003, while a 2020 isekai spin-off, Gon Nakayama Has Reincarnated in the World of Shoot!, concluded this year. 

Shoot! Goal to the Future is due sometime in 2022.