This ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star is down to return for ‘HIMYF’

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The ‘standalone’ sequel to CBS’s highly popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother recently premiered on Hulu to negative reception from critics and audiences. But if you’re a fan of the original series, showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger know exactly how to tug on your heartstrings in How I Met Your Father.

Indeed, the series hasn’t exactly been subtle in terms of references to the original series, least of all with bringing back Ted and Marshall’s apartment, or a version of it that closely resembles the real set. That connection between the two shows could go further than that, though, as the producers haven’t exactly ruled out a possible cameo appearance from one of HIMYM‘s stars yet.

One actress who’s already shown an interest in reprising her role is Charlene Amoia, whom everyone recognizes as Wendy the Waitress at MacLaren’s, a pub that the original cast frequented, located just beneath the iconic apartment.

In a recent interview to promote her new show Sons of Thunder: Redemption on Pureflix, Amoia was asked if she’d consider returning for the sequel. Here’s what she had to say in response.

“Oh, of course,” she told ComicBook. “I mean, that was such a lovely time in my life, and it was such a great group of people, absolutely.”

Given how much HIMYM went back and forth in time, some fans might have already forgotten that the story actually reveals Wendy’s fate in 2021, where the new series takes place. In the 17th episode of the sixth season, “Garbage Island,” a former co-worker of Marshall by the name of Meeker meets Wendy at MacLaren’s. They bond over their hatred of Marshall and eventually get together. When Ted meets Wendy in an airport in the future, she reveals that she’s still married to Meeker.

If the show turns the apartment into a regular set, then we’ll eventually have to see MacLaren’s, as well. Who knows, maybe Wendy is waitressing there even after all these years. Or perhaps in a booth in a corner, five older people are still sitting, chatting, laughing, and getting into all sorts of shenanigans, even if it’s only wishful thinking on our part.

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