This Star Wars Hit Is Dominating Streaming Services Down Under

Two years on from its initial debut on Disney+, the Star Wars television series The Mandalorian is still making a huge splash on the streaming service. 

With leaked set images and videos showing off a mysterious new character in Mandalorian armour, fans are going crazy heading back to the series and rewatching the adventures of The Mandalorian and Grogu. With the second season ending on a cliff-hanger, viewers are theorising on what will become of ‘Mando’. 

Leaked Mandalorian set image

In the last week, The Mandalorian has scored 22.3 points above market average for TV show ratings in Australia, and since release has been consistently in the number one spot in Australia. Following in second is Apple TV’s Ted Lasso which is still feeling the buzz of its second season which is now fully available for viewing.

Marvel Studios’ Loki, another Disney+ series, is in fifth for digital originals in Australia, and with WandaVision still casting a spell on antipodean audiences in sixth position, it’s fair to say Disney+ has been a successful venture for the behemoth company. 

Source: MediaWeek

Pedro Pascal is set to return for the third season of the Star Wars galaxy-traversing show as the titular hero The Mandalorian / Din Djarin. The space western has seen great commercial success and cultural impact since the first episode was released in November 2019. 

The space western has been a huge commercial and cultural hit since its first episode dropped in November 2019, although it’s expected the third season will launch sometime next year.

Former cast member of the show Gina Carano has been written out for the third season, following a series of controversies. The greatly outspoken actress and former wrestler has not been shy on social media about sharing claims of voter fraud in the 2020 United States election, as well as other topics.

Giancarlo Esposito and Carl Weathers are confirmed to return for the third season as Moff Gideon and Greef Karga respectively. Esposito told Variety of his return, and of his desire for his character to become more front-and-center, following two seasons as a looming threat for Mando and his allies. 

The third season was confirmed to be greenlit in December 2020, with filming beginning in October 2021.