Timothy Olyphant’s Mandalorian Character Will Wear Boba Fett Armor

Boba Fett

The Mandalorian season 2 is set to be even more of a fan-pleaser than its debut run. So far, it’s been confirmed that both Ahsoka Tano and Boba Fett will return in the next season of the smash-hit Disney Plus series, the former making her first live-action appearance and the latter being brought back from the dead after Return of the Jedi. Rosario Dawson and Temuera Morrison are joining the cast as the pair, with another new hire being Timothy Olyphant.

News of Olyphant’s casting last week didn’t specify which character he was playing, but /Film may have revealed the answer. The outlet has previously revealed Dawson and Morrison’s roles, so there’s strong reason to believe they’ll be right about this one, too. And they report that the actor is portraying Cobb Vanth, another character who’s already debuted in a different medium, as Vanth was created by author Chuck Wendig for his Aftermath novel series.

What’ll interest fans most, though, is that he has a connection to Boba Fett. Specifically, he goes around in the bounty hunter’s armor. In the books, Vanth is “the self-appointed sheriff” of Tatooine-settlement Freetown and wears Mandalorian armor recovered by Jawas from the wreckage of Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge. Wendig never spells it out, but it doesn’t take much to deduce that this armor once belonged to Fett.

What this could mean is that the character teased at the end of Chapter 5 wasn’t Fett, after all, as everyone has been thinking since the Morrison announcement. If he’s got his armor, that must’ve been Vanth instead. It looks like season 2 may play with our expectations a bit, then, introducing Vanth dressed as Boba before the real Fett appears later in the run. Remember, Morrison only has a small role, according to reports.

The Mandalorian season 2 is on course to arrive on Disney Plus this October.