Titans Fans Going Crazy Over Nightwing’s Butt


The trailer for the finale of season 2 of Titans has been released. Titled “Nightwing,” the episode sees Dick Grayson finally suit up as his adult vigilante alter ego (something WGTC told you would happen months ago, by the way), but as key a moment as this is in the character’s development, fans are interested in only one thing: the view from the rear.

This season of Titans saw members of the current and former incarnations of the titular team face off against their traditional nemesis Deathstroke, who blames them for the death of his son Jericho and threatens their destruction should they ever reform. As such, the trailer promises a violent and dramatic final confrontation between the heroes and the cycloptic madman, one that it’s unlikely everyone will walk away from.

Fans were eager to see Dick take on his second (and more interesting) identity, especially in the wake of his identity crisis due to being unsure who he is without Batman, and feeling doubly redundant with the introduction a new Robin in the form of the obnoxious Jason Todd. However, seeing Dick in his mature outfit warranted special attention to ascertain if an important visual detail from the comics had been replicated to viewers’ satisfaction.

“Thicc Grayson,” as he’s often referred to, has a backside that’s something of a celebrated point among comics fans, commented on even when he’s out of costume, and in keeping, from Titans’ early days the sight Dick leaves in his wake was a discussion point. Emphasizing this, Dick’s form-fitting blue and black outfit is a full-on thirst trap, often being drawn in the kind of provocative poses typically reserved for female heroes.

It was commented on last week when the Nightwing costume was unveiled, and people were delighted to see that its rear end could expand to a suitably rounded extent. And now that it’s been seen in action the reaction’s even more vocal.

Dick Grayson finally suiting up as Nightwing has been a plot point too long in the coming for Titans and its highly variable quality, but now it’s finally here and it’s encouraging to see that few people are disappointed with the results.