Titans’ Joker Will Reportedly Kill Off [SPOILERS] In Season 3


Titans has managed to craft an expansive DC universe over its first two seasons, bringing various comic book characters to live-action for the first time but also getting a few big coups as well, like Batman himself – as played by Iain Glen. This will continue in season 3, too, as evidence suggests that none other than the Joker will show up on the HBO Max (formerly DC Universe) series next year. And he’ll definitely make his mark.

Insider Daniel Richtman is reporting on his Patreon page that Titans‘ Joker will kill Jason Todd at some point. We’ve already had Jason’s new look as Red Hood revealed to us with some exciting photos, so the fact that his death is coming is not all that shocking. After all, in the comics, the second Robin died at the hands of the Clown Prince of Crime in the seminal “A Death in the Family” story arc. Many years later, however, he was then resurrected as the gun-toting vigilante.

The likelihood is that Titans is going to speed up the timeline somewhat and have Jason return as Red Hood shortly after his murder. On the other hand, they could switch things around a little to surprise fans and have Jason become Red Hood and then get murdered by the Joker. The show is no stranger to unexpected character deaths, after all, as Wonder Girl was (controversially) killed off in the season 2 finale.

There’s no word yet on what creative direction the Titans Joker could go in or who might play him. Glen is returning as Bruce Wayne this year, though, so the potential’s there for a Batman/Clown Prince of Crime face-off. And let’s not forget that Lex Luthor is likely coming to the show in season 3, too, as is Batgirl. As such, the next run of the series looks set to deliver even more iconic villains and Bat-family members than ever before and promises to be worth the wait.