The Top 10 Episodes Of Arrow So Far


It wouldn’t be 100 per cent accurate to put the credit (or the blame) for the impressive slate of superhero shows on our TVs on Arrow, but the success of the CW’s adaptation of the Emerald Archer probably has something to do with the fact that during the 2015/16 season there will be over a dozen comic book inspired series across the television dial.

The immediate success of Arrow, and the way it captured all the drama and thrills of its graphic novel origins, launched a TV trend that’s still unfolding, and a little empire of its own that now includes two spinoffs.


Season four of Arrow premieres on October 7, but if you’re wondering where to begin with the series if you’ve never seen it before, or maybe just enjoy the show for what it does best, we’ve provided the following list. Submitted for your approval, in chronological order, are the 10 best episodes of Arrow so far.

From its impeccable stunt work, to cast chemistry, to comic book Easter eggs, Arrow has become the hero we both deserved and needed. At least, on our TVs. So, let’s journey back to Starling and pick out ten hours that did not fail this, or any city.