The Top 100 Mad Men Characters

Brandon Killham in Mad Men

100) Dick Whitman

Played by: Brandon Killham, Jake Radaker, Jon Hamm

First Appearance: “The Hobo Code” (Season 1, Episode 8)

Okay, so we’re starting with a technicality here, but there’s a good reason: the flashbacks to Don Draper’s childhood are culturally and empirically proven to be bad. Whether it was Dick’s cathouse misadventures, or the show trying to pass off 37-year-old Jon Hamm as a fresh-faced military recruit, the flashbacks proved there was a limit to our interest in explaining Don Draper. Therefore, pre-Don, and by extension, most of the rest of the Whitman clan, have the honor of officially being The Worst. Please come to the podium to accept your commemorative Horseshoe of Overt Symbolism.

Polly the Dog in Mad Men

99) Polly (The Dog)

Played by: A dog

First Appearance: “Marriage of Figaro” (Season 1, Episode 3)

Who’s a good girl?! Who was impulsively purchased by Don as an apology for bailing on his daughter’s birthday party?! Who ate one of the neighbor’s pigeons?! Who got banished to the basement after Betty and Don’s divorce because Henry’s a big jerk?!

Laura Regan in Mad Men

98) Jennifer Crane

Played by: Laura Regan

First Appearance: “Flight 1” (Season 2, Episode 2)

Harry Crane’s long-suffering wife, in that being married to Harry Crane is a burden no woman should have to bear. Initially, the Crane marriage appears to be one of the stronger ones on the show, but as Harry’s infidelity and general asshole-ry got out of hand, she receded into the background.

Ray Abruzzo in Mad Men

97) Jonesy

Played by: Ray Abruzzo

First Appearance: “The Doorway, Part 1” (Season 6, Episode 1)

Jonesy is the doorman in Don’s building. He almost died that one time. It was really scary for Don. But Dr. Rosen saved him! Keep up the good work, Jonesy!

Larisa Oleynik in Mad Men

96) Cynthia Cosgrove

Played by: Larisa Oleynik

First Appearance: “Chinese Wall” (Season 4, Episode 11)

Cynthia. Cosgrove. Ken’s wife? Okay, probably doesn’t ring a bell. There was a whole running gag in “Signal 30” about Don and Megan trying to get through a Cosgrove dinner party while unable to remember their hostess’ name. But she seems like a generally well-adjusted person, and tried to guide Ken back to his writing career after it had taken so much from him.

Jeff Clarke in Mad Men

95) Howard Dawes

Played by: Jeff Clarke

First Appearance: “A Little Kiss, Part 1” (Season 5, Episode 1)

Insurance salesmen aren’t especially likable. Philandering insurance salesmen even more so. And philandering insurance salesmen who have their wives committed for shock therapy? Forget about it. Until recently, Howard Dawes had the distinction of being the only man to enter a fight with Pete Campbell where we hoped Pete would be the winner.

Christine Garver in Mad Men

94) Moira

Played by: Christine Garver

First Appearance: “For Immediate Release” (Season 6, Episode 6)

Ted Chaough’s secretary is defined by a fierce loyalty to Ted aaaaaand….not much else. When your most memorable moment is being snippy with Peggy, you’re not really standing out from the herd. That she hasn’t been seen around the office in more than a year suggests that her devotion to Ted wasn’t reciprocated.

Andy Umberger in Mad Men

93) Dr. Arnold Wayne

Played by: Andy Umberger

First Appearance: “Ladies Room” (Season 1, Episode 2)

Betty’s shrink and Don’s snitch, Wayne had about as much going on in his life as the man himself had respect for doctor-patient confidentiality. Even though he was a fink (and a bit of a perv), at least his involvement in Betty’s life opened her up to the idea of getting Sally some counselling, and pursuing a psych degree of her own.

Eric Ladin in Mad Men

92) William Hofstadt

Played by: Eric Ladin

First Appearance: “The Inheritance” (Season 2, Episode 10)

William’s an impressive figure, insofar that proving Betty isn’t the worst Hofstadt child is something of a feat. Petty, selfish, and just an all-around ingrate, William is actually worse for having married Judy, who seems perfectly nice otherwise. Just let him have your dad’s house, Betty! (Then burn it down).

Charles Shaughnessy in Mad Men

91) St. John Powell

Played by: Charles Shaughnessy

First Appearance: “The Jet Set” (Season 2, Episode 11)

The connective surname in Putnam, Powell and Lowe, the British firm that bought Sterling Cooper back near the end of Season 2. He mostly just told Lane what to do from across the pond, and conspired to have the Sterling Cooper-enhanced PPL sold to McCann Erikson. He also stands out because of the peculiar way Lane would pronounce his name (Sin-jin? Sen-jin? It’s probably some British-ism).