True Blood Season Five News Surfaces

Two huge pieces of news concerning True Blood season five have surfaced: Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgard) vampire sister, Nora, born of Godric (Allan Hyde) will join the cast and Salome herself from the Bible will be at the season’s core.

Having not read past book three in the Southern Vampire Mysteries book series, I was unaware that vampires had siblings. However – I suppose it makes sense that if Godric turned another human, the new vamp would be Eric’s kin. Fangbangers beware: Nora will reportedly be a double agent for the Vampire Authority.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Salome:

Christian traditions depict her as an icon of dangerous female seductiveness, for instance depicting as erotic her dance mentioned in the New Testament (in some later transformations further iconised to the dance of the seven veils), or concentrate on her lighthearted and cold foolishness that, according to the gospels, led to John the Baptist’s death.

That sounds scary, sexual, and controversial to me. Basically – it’s everything True Blood is made of. I just hope that this Nora character will cause a Godric re-emergence.