5 TV Characters That Are Just As Badass As Breaking Bad’s Walter White


Can we all take a moment of silence for Walter White? I would say that it is fitting for all the entertainment and amazement that the character brought into our lives, weekly. Truth is, now that Breaking Bad is over, there is a bit of a void left and I think we can all feel it. Nothing about that show felt like a show. It felt like an hour long weekly movie and after a while, it was hard not to feel a connection with those characters.

Maybe you related to Hank, the guy fighting his own war. Maybe you related to Jesse, just a young guy struggling to understand a life that is spinning way out of control. Or maybe you related to Skyler, the matriarch and proverbial glue that held Walter White and the White family together (for a long while, anyway). Or maybe, just maybe, you related to Walter. The man himself. A man on a mission, who initially was trying to do the wrong things for all the right reasons, but the deeper that world swallowed him whole, the harder and harder that became for him, and the more the lines between good and bad blurred.

Regardless of you whom you related most to, or why you love Breaking Bad so much, we all need to accept that fact that it’s over, and as much as a Saul show could kick ass, we are not even close to seeing it just yet.

On that note, I thought it might be a good time to remind people that there are (and were) other people on TV that are just as badass as Walter White was, and if you feel a serious “badass” void in your soul right now, any of these characters can help to fill that.

I am not saying we need to “replace” Walter White. I am simply saying that it might be healthy for us to move on, and maybe it will be easier if we all move on together.

*Takes a bump of meth*

As you can see, I have farther to go than most of you. Anyway, on to the badasses.