The Internet’s Now Debating Whether Hank Hill Would’ve Voted For Trump

King of the Hill

We live in very divisive times following the 2016 presidential election. In a historic upset, Donald Trump won office by winning the electoral college and losing the popular vote. His victory came despite hundreds of polls showing Hillary Clinton would become the nation’s first female president, and things haven’t quite been the same since that fateful day. Love him or hate him, Trump is a force unlike anything the United States has ever dealt with, and he’s changed the political landscape entirely during his first term.

Now, the biggest question remains whether he’ll manage to defeat Democratic nominee Joe Biden in this year’s election. Biden currently leads in the polls by an even wider margin than Clinton did in 2016, and he’s got considerably more support in many states that Trump won. So, things are looking good for Biden as Trump continues to lose support among many who initially voted for him, but as we learned the first time around, the electoral college could still lead to unexpected results.

And while many of us are impatiently waiting to see this year’s presidential election outcome, some people have now taken to Twitter to engage in a very unusual debate. Users have been arguing over whether King of the Hill‘s main character, Hank Hill, would’ve voted for Trump in 2016. No really, this is a topic of conversation.

Hank was a registered Republican on the show and regularly announced his support of traditional values, but he also never quite fit entirely within a conservative box. As a matter of a fact, on various occasions, he was known to support some ideals that would be considered liberal stances in today’s political climate. For instance, he agreed with climate change and showed disappointment in the wall at Mexico’s border. Additionally, he was bothered by George W. Bush’s weak handshake and had immense respect for Democratic Governor Ann Richards.

In any case, below you can find just a sample of what folks are saying online:

King of the Hill

Of course, Hank Hill is a fictional character from an animated TV show, so none of this ultimately matters, obviously. Nevertheless, it’s a fun diversion during a time when everything in the world seems to be going wrong.

Hank Hill 2024, maybe?