Two Archers Collide In New Hawkeye Photo

Though Marvel fans are currently counting down the days until Eternals hits theaters, don’t forget that this is also the month when Hawkeye will be premiering on Disney Plus. He’s been hanging around the MCU since 2011, but now Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton is finally about to get his own solo vehicle in the form of the six-part TV series. To be honest, the biggest appeal for comic fans is likely going to be the introduction of Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, Clint’s archery prodigy protégé.

With the show’s debut now just a few weeks away, Marvel has shared a new image from the Disney Plus original that showcases the two heroes coming face-to-face. “When two archers connect,” Marvel captioned the pic on Twitter. As you can see below, the photo depicts Clint and Kate⏤not to mention Kate’s adorable pet, Lucky the Pizza Dog⏤on a subway platform, with the latter even having her bow in hand.

This is just the latest bit of marketing for the show emphasizing the dynamic between the two avenging archers as its big selling point, which is interesting given that Hawkeye actually features a strong ensemble cast. Vera Farmiga is playing Kate’s mother Eleanor, Tony Dalton is portraying Clint’s mentor Swordsman, Fra Free is villain Kazi, Alaqua Cox is new heroine Echo, and Florence Pugh is reprising her role as Yelena Belova from Black Widow.

The other thing that the trailers have been promising is that Hawkeye will be a full-on Christmas action/adventure treat, clearly owing a debt to the likes of Die Hard and Shane Black movies. Coincidentally, it’s the first MCU project to have a festive setting since Black’s Iron Man 3. It’s the very first one to release during the holiday season, though.

Hawkeye kicks off on Disney Plus with its two opening episodes just in time for Thanksgiving on Nov. 24.