Veteran ‘The Walking Dead’ survivor finally gets a redemption six seasons in the making

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On November 21, 2022
Last modified:November 21, 2022


Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the series finale of The Walking Dead, “Rest in Peace.”

The jaw-dropping finale of The Walking Dead is currently the talk of the town, with an array of eagle-eyed viewers buzzing about several moments that occurred during the series finale — which includes an unforgettable sequence involving veteran survivor Gabriel Stokes and his commendable character arc.

During the mind-boggling finale, not only is Gabriel forced to bid farewell to his girlfriend Rosita (due to her unfortunate death), but Gabriel undergoes a memorable character growth as he puts his life on the line to let a group of people into The Estates. Such a heroic maneuver is definitely a swift change from Gabriel’s previous behavior, where the former Priest shut the church door on his fellow parishioners to save himself from a horde of zombies.

In response, user u/Connected-VG ignited fellow users on the TWD subreddit, with a second user, u/DrCheekClappa, pointing out and applauding Gabriel’s aforementioned redemption arc.

Following this revelation, a large section of commenters gathered in the thread to simultaneously applaud Gabriel’s heroism, with many users admitting that they weren’t even aware of the development.

Sadly, a potential TWD spin-off is not yet planned for Gabriel, although fans should take comfort in knowing that one of the series’ most underrated characters has experienced a redeemable journey. On the other hand, there are an abundance of spin-offs planned already for other characters, which means the massive Walking Dead universe is showing no end in sight.

For now, all seasons of The Walking Dead are available on AMC Plus.