The Walking Dead: 10 Awesome Moments From The Season 8 Trailer

“You’re About To Sh*t Your Pants”

The trailer opens with a pretty meta moment, as Negan’s voice can be heard saying: “I hope you got your sh*ttin’ pants on…”

The video then fades into a scene with poor old Father Gabriel looking terrified in what looks to be a room with walkers pounding at the windows and doors. Negan walks out from the shadows and continues: “Your sh*ttin’ pants. I hope you’re wearing them right now. ‘Cause you… are about to sh*t your pants.”

It’s a great way to kick off the trailer, as it’s basically a promise – delivered in Negan’s own unique way – that there’s some awesome stuff to come. Though to some fans it was a criticism, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s shamelessly nasty ubervillain totally stole the show away from Rick and co. last season and this is a welcome reminder that Negan is still going to be at his evil-doing, trash-talking best this season, too.

The scene also raises the question of what exactly’s going on here. Negan seems pretty confident that Gabriel is the one in danger and not him. But aren’t the both of them trapped and surrounded by zombies?