The Walking Dead Fans Are Seriously Creeped Out By Negan In A Whisperer Mask


Negan is well and truly in with the Whisperers. The Walking Dead season 10B has seen the former Savior leader not only prove his loyalty to the cult by ratting Gamma’s treachery out to Alpha, but also have a surprising sexual encounter with the Whisperer queen. Now that he’s firmly in her good books, this past week’s episode, titled “Morning Star,” saw Negan moving around as part of the Whisperers with his very own walker skin-mask. And the fans are not here for it.

We previously got a glimpse at Negan’s rotting face-mask in the midseason promos, but this was our first proper look at it in action. And viewers were not really prepared for how unsettling it would be.

Now that’s what I call freaky.


Take it off, Negan. Take it off now.

We all share this preference.

There’s only one way to describe it…

Oh, Negan, what has she done to you?

There are a lot of emotions going around the TWD fandom right now.

Anyone else get faceless Joker vibes from Negan’s mask?

If you did, that was intentional. As he explained on yesterday’s episode of Talking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was not a fan of the idea of wearing a restrictive mask on the show, so he pitched an idea to producer/visual effects whizz Greg Nicotero. He suggested that Negan would make his mask different from the others and cut a smile in it. Nicotero said he thought Morgan’s suggestion was “the greatest idea.”

“So I got this super cool mask, and sure enough, there’s this Joker smile cut into this zombie mask,” Morgan explained. “And it was pretty cool.”

Of course, given how things play out in the comic book version of the Whisperer War, fans still aren’t entirely buying that Negan is truly loyal to the Whisperers and there are no doubt many more surprises to come from him this season on The Walking Dead