The Walking Dead Fans Are Now Shipping Carol And Negan


It seems the most recent episode of The Walking Dead has caused a new ship to sail.

Two characters who have never interacted on the show before the past couple of weeks are Carol and Negan, but we recently learned that the former queen of the Kingdom and the ex-leader of the Saviors have been in cahoots for a while, with Negan employed by Carol to take out Alpha for her. They make for an unlikely partnership, but now fans are tempted to see the duo become a couple.

User u/opreston shared a behind-the-scenes pic of Melissa McBride and Jeffrey Dean Morgan hugging on set to the r/thewalkingdead subreddit, with the caption arguing: “Carol and Negan would be a powerful couple.” The post has been upvoted 1.4k times at the time of writing, with the comments featuring a variety of responses.

Some are all for a Carol/Negan romance, and some aren’t. Most agree, though, that we should see more of the pair together on-screen in the future.

“I feel like Negan could never have a true romantic relationship,” one opined, suggesting Negan can never really get over his wife. “Yes he had his wives, but I think his affection is reserved for Lucille.”

“I don’t really see them as a couple, but that would be a hell of an amazing friendship,” said someone else. “I kinda wish the show runners would explore this relationship a bit more, not just leave them with no more interactions. These two are such complex characters and, if you think about it, quite similar to each other.”

“Man two certified bad asses, professional shit talkers, and sarcasm king and queen would be an amazing friendship for the show,” agreed another. “Those two would be scary together.”

“That has also crossed my mind but I think he’s better off solo (at least at this stage),” said a different fan. So maybe hold off on a relationship for a season or two?

Alternatively, are we sure we’re shipping the right couple here? Don’t forget who else Negan shared some awesome scenes with this week. “Negan and Daryl are the true power couple,” argued one fan.

Carol and Ezekiel? Nah, they’re yesterday’s news. Carol and Daryl? That’s never gonna happen. Carol and Negan? Maybe they could have a shot on The Walking Dead. What do you think, though? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section down below.