The Walking Dead Ratings Hit All-Time Low With Latest Episode


The Walking Dead returned this month with its midseason premiere and given how eager everyone was to see how our heroes would deal with the newly-discovered threat of the Whisperers, the episode saw a small increase in the ratings.

“Adaptation” earned a 2.0 rating in the key demographic of 18-49, which translates to about 1.1 million viewers. The 25-54 age range, meanwhile, clocked in at 1.3 million, while overall, the total number of viewers for the opener was 5.2 million. Unfortunately, however, it seems that interest in the series has once again dwindled.

The Hollywood Reporter is telling us today that this past Sunday’s installment was the lowest point in the show’s entire history, with just 4.54 million people tuning in to catch the episode. With a 1.7 rating in that all-important 18-49 demographic, this marks a pretty big dip from the aforementioned midseason premiere, which is certainly troubling to see.

Before last Sunday’s outing, the lowest-viewed episode was one that aired back in November 2010, with the second installment in season 1 only bringing in 4.71 million viewers. Meanwhile, its previous lowest-rated hour was earlier this season, with November 18th’s episode finishing with a 1.8. And though these are definitely not the kind of figures that AMC’s hoping to see, fans can at least rest easy knowing that a tenth season has already been ordered up.

Still, it’s a bit of a blow to hear that people aren’t tuning into The Walking Dead anymore. After all, the show seems to be finding its feet again and the cast and crew are very happy with their work, with Norman Reedus saying that the zombie drama is the best it’s been since season 1. Frankly, we’re not quite sure if we agree with that, but again, things are certainly picking up in terms of storytelling and excitement and with any luck, that’ll reflect in the ratings soon enough.

Source: THR

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