The Alexandrians Are Willing To Make Sacrifices In The Walking Dead Season 8


For most of The Walking Dead season 7, Rick Grimes and the Alexandrians were held back by their fear of what Negan and his Saviors could do to them. For instance, back in the premiere, Rick was about to chop off his own son’s arm under the villain’s orders. By the end of the season, though, they’d decided to stand up against their tyrannical overlord and now, the Alexandrians and their allies from other communities will lead an all-out war against Negan, and with war comes the need to make sacrifices.

When asked how Rick feels about his son taking part in the battle, Chandler Riggs (who plays Carl) explained that Rick’s come to terms with his son being at risk. He referenced a deleted scene from last season which dealt with the characters deciding that they were willing to sacrifice the people they care about for the greater good.

“It reminds me of a deleted scene from the end of last season where Carl, Rick, and Michonne were talking about if Rick had the willpower to cut off Carl’s arm at this point now that they’ve had more experience with the Saviors. And they kind of come to an understanding that they’ll do whatever is needed to be done for the greater good — not for themselves but what’s best for their community and the Kingdom and Hilltop and for everyone. If they have to sacrifice — whether it be a hand or a person or whatever it may be — they’re willing to give it up.”

On the one hand, this sounds like it’ll go a long way to answering fans’ criticisms about Rick’s perceived lack of backbone during most of season 7. On the other, this ruthless streak could push the Alexandrians into some dark places and maybe even turn them into the very thing they’re trying to beat.

Likewise, Riggs’ comments sound mighty ominous. What’s the betting that Rick’s newfound mentality will be tested in the new season, leading to another tragic end for one of his loved ones? After all, we do know that this year will bring with it some “big deaths.”

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its 100th episode on Sunday, October 22nd. Are you ready?