The Walking Dead Season 8 Will Have Some Big Deaths


So much attention has been paid to the “all-out war” underpinning The Walking Dead season 8 that few have stopped to ask the question: who will be sent to meet their maker come October?

Because make no mistake, series showrunner Scott Gimple has gone on record in the past to warn viewers that season 8 features “lots of killing,” and we’re not just talking about those flesh-munching zombies. With the battle lines drawn, Rick, Maggie and the rest of the gang have rallied all the troops – namely those scattered across Alexandria, the Kingdom and the Hilltop – to topple Negan once and for all. And yes, The Walking Dead‘s eighth season will resolve the battle brewing between Rick Grimes and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s unruly screen villain.

As for the subsequent body count, Andrew Lincoln recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and echoed Gimple’s previous remarks, warning fans that there are some pretty significant deaths to come:

“There’s some big deaths this season, just to warn everybody,” said the actor.

In related news, it’s been a fairly exciting weekend for fans of AMC’s zombie drama, as just yesterday we finally received word that a crossover between The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead will be happening – though the exact details on how it will go down aren’t known. Furthermore, the network also brought with them to Comic-Con a sneak peak of the upcoming season premiere (seen above). Admittedly, it was more of a subdued look at the show, but it’s certainly enough to whet our appetite as we wait for Rick and co. to return.

Starting as it means to go on, The Walking Dead‘s eighth season begins with an explosive and indeed extended episode on October 22nd, which is rather fitting given how it’ll go down in history as the show’s 100th instalment. If you’re pining for a concise recap of the road so far, look no further than this epic montage.