When The Walking Dead Season 10 May End Up On Netflix


It’s been a tough time for The Walking Dead fans of late as season 10 was forced to wrap up one episode early due to the pandemic affecting post-production on the finale, leaving the run on a nail-biting cliffhanger back in April. A couple of weeks ago, though, we finally found out when we can expect to see the finale, titled “A Certain Doom” – it airs October 4th on AMC. Our next big question is, then, when will TWD season 10 arrive on Netflix?

In previous years, the latest season of the post-apocalyptic drama has always landed on the streaming giant in September, just ahead of the start of the next run in October. However, this may not happen this year, what with the season uncompleted and there not being a new season of the show coming in the fall. As outlined by What’s On Netflix, there are three possible options for what they’ll decide to do.

The first is that the 15 episodes of season 10 already aired will go up as usual in September, with the finale being added at a later date. The second is that the whole season goes up sometime after the finale airs, potentially only delaying it by a month or so. The third option is that Netflix waits to stream season 10 until the release of the six additional episodes that are set to arrive on AMC in early 2021. They’ll officially be counted as part of this season, after all.

Option C feels like the least likely, and also the one fans wouldn’t want to happen. Option B, meanwhile, feels pretty feasible, though it’s unclear how soon after the finale airs the whole season could go up on the site. It could be in late October, or maybe they could even wait to add it until just before the six extra episodes premiere, mirroring the typical release pattern.

It’s hard to say for sure right now, but we may find out some concrete news soon. In the meantime, don’t miss The Walking Dead season 10 finale on October 4th, the same night The Walking Dead: World Beyond premieres.