Promo For Next Week’s Walking Dead Teases A Dangerous Journey


So, that was the first episode of The Walking Dead in the post-Rick Grimes era of the show we now live in. Following on from the twist ending of last week, episode 6 “Who Are You Now?” continued the story 6 years after Andrew Lincoln’s disappearance, as our heroes encounter a new group of survivors and have to decide whether they can trust them or not.

Now that we’ve been introduced to this rebooted status quo, we’ll get to explore the fresh set-up a bit more in episode 7, titled “Stradavarius.” The synopsis – seen below – teases the characters venturing off to new pastures, as well as a reunion of old friends, albeit in a dangerous environment.

“Carol seeks out an old friend living alone in a wilderness teeming with walkers; survivors make the perilous trek to a new home.”

We’ve heard a lot of good things about this second half of the first part of season 9, so let’s hope the quality continues as things progress. Norman Reedus has promised us that it’s “epic” and the cast and crew believe it’s some of the best work they’ve ever done. Producer Greg Nicotero has also said new villains the Whisperers will become fan favorites pretty soon.

It’s certain that The Walking Dead as a franchise has just received a renewed sense of adrenaline, too, as we’ve been promised multiple movies and perhaps some new spinoff shows as well to come in the next few years – including Lincoln’s film trilogy. This has got to give the show a boost and we eagerly await the rest of season 9 to see where it takes us next.

Speaking of which, be sure to catch The Walking Dead 9×07 “Stradavarius” on AMC next Sunday, November 18.