The Flash EP Says Wally West Will Return For A Pivotal Episode Of Season 6


It’s been a long while since we’ve seen Wally West in the Arrowverse. He left The Flash back in season 4, before hopping aboard the Waverider for a short stint on Legends of Tomorrow season 3. We’ve known since before season 6 even started, though, that the plan was to get Keiynan Lonsdale back as Kid Flash in this run. And now we know that his comeback will spell big changes for the Scarlet Speedster’s show.

While speaking to TV Line ahead of The Flash‘s midseason premiere tonight, showrunner Eric Wallace kept his cards close to his chest, but he did tease that Wally’s return will coincide with some major developments for him and Barry as people and also the nature of their powers. Color us intrigued!

“How do I say this without spoilers….. Wally returns for one of the pivotal episodes in the mythology of The Flash, and that is not an understatement. He comes back a changed person, and what he comes back to deal with, and how it involves Barry, will literally change the two of them — and their abilities, quite frankly — moving forward.”

This is yet another reason to be excited for Wally’s comeback. Last year, Wallace promised that Kid Flash will team up with Barry to face a classic comic book foe who has yet to make it onto The CW. So now we know this episode, which will fall somewhere in season 6B, will feature the comeback of a fan favorite character, the debut of a significant comics villain and change the Flash’s powers as we know them. I think this could be a highlight of the season.

Presumably, this big change will tie into the new status quo of the universe following “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” We’ve already seen how the reality reboot has affected Arrow, Supergirl and Batwoman, and we’ll start to find out how things are different in Central City, too, in The Flash 6×10 “Marathon,” airing on The CW tonight.