WandaVision Might Be Getting Delayed Until 2021


We’re now into the second week of November, and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are starting to get a little worried that WandaVision still hasn’t been given an official release date. After all, despite the reality-bending Disney Plus exclusive leapfrogging The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to become the MCU’s first official foray into television, shooting was ongoing as recently as last month.

The first trailer generated plenty of buzz after promising an adventure that looks completely unique within the confines of the franchise, and while the studio are advertising that the show will arrive before the end of the year, there’s a little over seven weeks remaining of 2020 and the Mouse House have yet to commit to a locked-in launch date.

With Black Widow being pushed back by another six months, we haven’t seen anything from the world’s biggest franchise since Spider-Man: Far From Home swung into theaters last July, and an interaction between a Disney Plus subscriber and customer service is now going viral after apparently revealing that WandaVision won’t be arriving until 2021.

See for yourself below:

“Yes, they are looking to promote the Disney classics, but of course there will be much more content, as previously mentioned, like The Simpsons, we’ll have the Marvel movies and series WandaVision premieres in January. National Geographic documentaries, etc.”

Although the translation is admittedly a little muddled, the fact that it pertains to the Latin American Disney Plus library in particular could be a ray of hope for subscribers based in the United States. The platform’s marquee titles don’t all launch on the same day across the world, and certain nations could realistically be getting their first glimpse of WandaVision weeks or even months before others. That being said, at this point, it also wouldn’t surprise us in the slightest if the show has been pushed into 2021.