‘Warrior Nun’ showrunner thrilled to discover the campaign to save the series has a powerful backer

warrior nun
via Netflix

Netflix has come under increasing fire for canceling an alarming number of fantasy shows, with more than 25 having bitten the dust since the beginning of 2020 alone. That’s mind-blowing for a variety of reasons, but none of the episodic originals to have bitten the dust have generated as much online fury as the premature demise of Warrior Nun.

It’s easy to see why, when the supernaturally-tinged comic book adaptation drew huge viewing figures and became a Top 10 hit in dozens of countries around the world immediately after both seasons dropped, and the critical acclaim was there to match the cult following – especially when the sophomore run ranks as Netflix’s best-reviewed batch of episodes ever.

Creator and showrunner Simon Barry has been encouraging fans to fight the good fight, and the filmmaker reacted with awe after discovering that a heavy hitter in the world of media digging deep into why Warrior Nun‘s early demise has captured the attention and imagination so strongly.

Gaining support and mainstream headlines is all well and good, but as of yet, no network or streaming service has even hinted that it’s interested in reviving Warrior Nun. As we’ve seen with Hannibal, no amount of pandering or demanding from either the audience or the key creatives is enough to ensure an extended stay of execution, but maybe the movement will bear fruit eventually.

In a twist of irony, though, it’s Netflix that has a habit of scooping up shows from other companies, not the other way around.