Watch: Awesome fan edit drops Moon Knight into ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Image via Marvel Studios/Disney

Moon Knight just finally made his MCU debut with his very own self-titled series, which wrapped up its first run on Disney Plus this past week. Fans have been wanting to see him in the franchise for years, though, so it’s tempting to imagine what it would’ve been like if Oscar Isaac had been knocking around the universe in the earlier phases of the Marvel universe. Well, if this epic fan edit is anything to go by, it would’ve made the movies even better.

As created by YouTuber TortillaDelta13, the video — which you can see above — replaces Spider-Man with Moon Knight in the iconic airport battle of Captain America: Civil War. It’s incredibly well-made, with some seamless editing, and gives us a flavor of how bumbling Brit Steven Grant would’ve interacted with the OG Avengers. Retrofitted into this context, Steven comes across as a kind of mix of Scott Lang’s Ant-Man and Deadpool.

The folks over on the /MavelStudios subreddit shared their appreciation for the edit, as well as theorizing on how it would’ve gone down if Moony really was part of the Sokovia Accords conflict.

Imagine Khonshu getting involved, too!

And think of the carnage Jake Lockley could’ve caused.

Another fan had the intriguing idea that Marc and Steven would’ve been on opposite sides of the conflict. “I’m imagining if this actually happened, Steven would be on one side, probably Iron Man’s, and Marc would be on Cap’s side, and mid* battle he’d switch back and forth,” they wrote.

While we’re thankful this entertaining edit exists, hopefully someday we’ll see the nocturnal hero interact with other MCU heroes for real, after season one turned out to be very self-contained. Maybe it’ll happen in that Midnight Sons team-up project that Isaac has teased in the past. For now, catch all six episodes of Moon Knight on Disney Plus now.